Merlyn Lives In A Novel, A King In Time


merlyn's dragonsRead it in Chapter 37 of A King In Time.

Merlyn takes a walk in the snow to investigate the dark forces that are shadowing him and those he holds most dear. He has an encounter with magic fire set loose by an old adversary that leaves a changed Merlyn to return to Pendragon Castle.

“His beard singed nearly off leaving only wisps of hair, turned up at the ends, on either side of his face. His eyebrows also pointed up at his temples like little horns, and in like fashion the very hair on top of his head stood up in a shortened version of what it had been.”

His response to the stares he got when he returned caused him to draw himself up and mumble in his indignant way: “Well? What is it? Can’t a man go for an early morning stroll without everyone peering into his business?”

A King in Time's photo.

About Mary Enck

Biography A Native of Colorado, Mary Enck attended UCLA and holds an MFA in Creative Writing. Fantasy and Science Fiction with an occasional Mystery are the genres she enjoys the most. Mary lives in Colorado Springs with her family, a Labradane named Gilley, and two under the bed cats.

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