Excerpt from Prequel * A King In Time

Excerpt from Prequel * A King In Time


Gwen drew her bow, focused on the shadow of a deer deep in the autumn forest. Then a glimpse of soft sad eyes gathered a sadness in her heart. The deer turned his gaze toward her and made her pause. Slowly, she released the tension on her arrow and thereby disarmed her weapon. She could not hunt such an innocent creature. The deer walked toward her never taking his gaze from her.

“Please have no fear of me. I have been waiting for you.” Gwen could catch his fragrance, a heady mixture of evergreen, and warm blood that coursed within and toward his heart. “I bring you a prophecy to guide you on the path of your destiny.”

At this Gwen slowly moved toward him, her boots crunching through the crimson leaves that carpeted the forest floor. “Tell me of this prophecy. I am ready to hear it.”

The deer drew closer and the warmth in his eyes convinced Gwen she had nothing to fear indeed so she listened carefully as he told her of his vision. “One day, when you are no longer a child, there will come a king who will claim you as his own. If you accept his hand, you must vow to be true to his love. If you do not do this as I have told you, a great darkness will fall upon the land and you will regret your transgression. Please remember this until then.”

Gwen smiled and reached out her hand to caress the soft ears of her noble prophet. “I promise. I will never forget your words. Thank you kind friend.”

Then, in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

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About Mary Enck

Biography A Native of Colorado, Mary Enck attended UCLA and holds an MFA in Creative Writing. Fantasy and Science Fiction with an occasional Mystery are the genres she enjoys the most. Mary lives in Colorado Springs with her family, a Labradane named Gilley, and two under the bed cats.

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