A King In Time – Battle Scenes


A King's Battles

I thought writing a battle scene would be a real challenge. Once I brought all the followers of King Arthur to the high ground, where he waited for the members of an alliance to strengthen his army, the Saxons showed up with wild barbaric shouts and with blood in their eyes. This was not before the King’s archers, with their longbows, pulled and their arrows flew into the Saxon camp at dawn.

Charging over their dead brothers, using them as an assist to get to the high ground to do battle, it began. Shortly, the alliance members arrived just in time to overpower the Saxons and send them away at a crippled run.

There is more, much more. But, that was the scene and all that followed laid out to show the power of an army led by a beloved leader.

A King in Time's photo.

About Mary Enck

Biography A Native of Colorado, Mary Enck attended UCLA and holds an MFA in Creative Writing. Fantasy and Science Fiction with an occasional Mystery are the genres she enjoys the most. Mary lives in Colorado Springs with her family, a Labradane named Gilley, and two under the bed cats.

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